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We have been inspired by the skin of "El dorado" or mahimahi, it is the Coryphaena hippurus species, a marine fish of the coriphaenidae or dolphin-fish family, distributed throughout the world's oceans, in tropical and subtropical waters.

The Twin Fin is made with Hexa core and fiberglass offering stability and control at top speed.

High area and depth not only delivers a feeling of control when pushed harder on the open face.
From high-performance twins to more traditional shapes, this is a perfect complement to your twin.

This set provides smooth and fast down the line speed.⁣⁣

FS2 ( Fin Screws Two )

Compatible base will need two screws

Fins Key and screws FREE INCLUDED

By screwing the fins to your surfboard, you prevent them from becoming harmful waste for the oceanic fauna reaching the bottom of the ocean, becoming "micro-particles" as food for the fish, those same fish that in the future you will be able to put in your mouth...

With just a small gesture by screwing your fins, you can do more than you can imagine !

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Spain & Portugal: 1-2 Days

Canary Islands, Balears and International: 5-6 Days

World Wide: 5- 10 Days 


Recommended use of fastening screws
Uso recomendado de tornillos de sujeción