Retro Fish Gold.
Retro Fish Gold.
Retro Fish Gold.

Retro Fish Gold.

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Retro Fish.

*Fins Not Incluyed
We've teamed up with our friends Bugarski Surfboards to bring you some of the artwork he's hand-shaping in his factory.
All the surfboards here are unique pieces, handmade by one of the best European shapers.
We work on request, you can ask for what you need, measurements, color, tinted resins, finishes, shape, type of plug, etc.
Estimated manufacturing time 3-4 weeks
If you want to add any option, you can write to us at:
Standard Measurements


5'2'' x 20' 1/2 x 2' 3/8 
5'4'' x 20' 3/4 x 2' 3/8 
5'6'' x 21' x 2' 7/16 
5'8'' x 21' 1/4 x 2' 1/2
5'10'' x 21 1/2 x 2' 9/16