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The Twin Fin is 100 % made  fiberglass offering stability and control at top speed, our template offers a high performance surf feeling while maintaining the classic glide and trim of the keel. 

FS2 ( Fin Screws Two )

Compatible base will need two screws

Fins Key and screws FREE INCLUDED

By screwing the fins to your surfboard, you prevent them from becoming harmful waste for the oceanic fauna reaching the bottom of the ocean, becoming "micro-particles" as food for the fish, those same fish that in the future you will be able to put in your mouth...

With just a small gesture by screwing your fins, you can do more than you can imagine !

Estimated delivery time:

Spain & Portugal: 1-2 Days

Canary Islands, Balears and International: 5-6 Days

World Wide: 5- 10 Days 


Height: 120 mm

Base: 164 mm (115mm + 49 mm )

Foil: Flat

Rake: 40.5º